still looking for a just the right doman name


Ok, yes I have been on this thing for a very long time. but you know me I have to find just the right one. I need a name that is going to say who I am and what I go through. Yes I know that some of you have given me some great ones. Put how to pick just one. I have had this name for my blog for the very begining. However people have given me stepbystep and I though that was a good one. spoonbyspoon is still out there but it would look like spoon-by-spoon.  This is hard and I don’t even know if I really want that one.

I feel like it needs to say something about living in a world that expects everyone to be on the same playing grown. How ever we are not. I would like to show people that I am just like you and your friends it just take me more time. So maybe it should be spoon-by-spoon. This is so hard you guys

I found this pitcher on the site. I do love that site a lot and if you know me I love everything about it. My life has changed so much because of it.  I don’t talk about my “spoons” that I have every day. I think that you guys who read the blog can see how may day is going. If you listen to the podcast you will also hear about my days. I think that my blog is were I can site down and write what is on my mind and what is really making me upset or very very happy. My Podcast is more a you get my feeling right now. I’m prossening it as I talk to you. So It’s just something that I have been thinking about really.

When and if I do change everything I will let you all know. That is something that I will do.


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