episode 153 Friday and Pabl


Good morning all
It’s Friday and rainy
Do I get Gas or do I not
Last night I was so out of it.
I did sleepy
Today the b0y-friend is working today
If I’m on a rotten I’m doing buch better then if not.
I have to hear what I am reading
He doesn’t like to skyp calls when he is around.

I forget to eat some times because I get going on a thing or something.

I think I made 30 hours this week

the new boss man has been up and not looking at me.

got over 3000 steps in yesterday.
My goad is to get 3000 steps in a day
I need to move and keep moving
slow and sure I will get up to 10000 steps.

daily mile

last week it was $30 to get gas


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