I have been thinking again


Hi all I would like to just say that I have been thinking again. Some times it’s good and other times it’s not. I have heard about living pay check to pay check. but having to depend on someone to help you live is something that is so different for me. I know if I didn’t have my car payment I could do it. but really could I.

This is what I have been thinking about today. The b-friend and I were just talking about getting food for the next week. He looked at me and said why don’t you go get the food. Not meaning it in a bad way of anything. I know that and he knows that. Yet, I told him I did not have the money to do that. He looked at me and said what. So then I told him again I don’t have the money to get food. If I was still living on my own I know I would not have the car I have. I know that I would be hurting if I did have the car. I’m paying on it every month. I love it. I love having it. I also need it. the way my life is I really can’t wait for the bus in the afternoon.

However, lots of people work to eat when they live pay check to pay check. I work not to eat or anything, I work to pay my co-pays. Now I do have a FSA through work and that is what gets me through the month. it’s not bad or anything. Most company’s have this kind of account for people. And it’s that money that I live on.

So back to the loving boyfriend and the going to get the food for the week. Well I think he gets it. Yes it’s hard for him to see that I don’t have the money to do anything fun right now. But I have my blog and I have my friends. I have my family and soon I will have parents that will be back and living up at a lake to go and get out-of-town. I can’t wait.

So I must not be doing that bad off, right. I think this would just go back to I need more spoons that have money all over them.

I don’t think that I will be going to the CMNC this year because I just don’t have money but I will be on u stream all day.

I have a good friend that has a blog also and here it is As life flutters by. . . I know I have talked about her blog. Well she has a list that she calls the 101 list I believe that it’s something that she put together. And they are things that she would like to do through out her life. I thought about that and I thought I might do something like that.

I also have a friend that I really like to read her blog and that one is called Neko’s scratch pad I really like the way her blog is layed out. I might do something with my blog like hers. However I am trying to still see if it would be good to pay for my blog.

But frist I need to get all of my blogs that I read in to this blog. they are all over the place. You know at my old blogspot account Gmail reader. I would like to get them over here.

So as I have said at the beginning I have been thinking about a lot of things.

Oh my I forgot there is another blog that I love to check out also and that is Tupelo Geek Something that I love is the way he has his blogged put together also. However, I really like his Tuesday tech talk. I can always find something good on Tuesday from him. The other thing is that he has them numbered and I like that.

I know I have left out a lot of peoples blogs and I will write about them soon but I just had to take a few and just talk about them and why I love them. But I will talk about everyones blogs soon.

I just need to get my ducks all lined up.


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