Thank you


I don’t know if I have ever said thank you, to all the people who have helped me in the past few years. I have made some new friends and I have also  found friends that I have been away from. When life gives you crap your true friends come out. I think I am saying all of this because I just had a good talk with a very, very good friend. You know there are still people out there in the world that really want to help people and Like myself in time of great need.

The time that I met her I never thought that I would be able to go and just sit and talk  about life. But it’s true, now that everything is over I can just call her up and see if she has time for a drink or something. I can tell her that  I’m getting the bill this time, because you got it last time. We can just talk about life. Yes, she would still love to hear how I am doing. I know that I don’t have to put an act on for her. I can say I’m getting on. Or if it’s one of those days were life is just got me in a big hole. I can tell her that.

Yet, she is one person that I have found to help me with getting through the crap from the last few years. I have made some great friends out side of the trail. Oh I would love to say work coach number two. I think she is reading this. So I would love to just say think you for all that you helped me with.

Then there is my family and friends on the net and off the net. My family has been through some bad things in life. but if we stick together we almost always come out knowing more and stranger. So thank you to my family.

Now for my dear friends, here in M N and all over the world. For the really live people who I know and for the ones that I talk to on the net. I would love to say you guys are the best a person could ever get in the world that we live in.

So, it’s been hard and life has been hard and life is getting much harder in other ways but really if you are out there and you know who you are. The people who have listened to me bitch about how bad life is and how much I can’t stand being sick thank you for helping me keep as many spoons and I can.


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