I was talking to my co-workers about Easter and my thoughts about it. I got to the point were I don’t like Good friday. I still feel that people should not be that happy for some one to die. it’s just seems wrong. I know all the things that people say to me. Well Mary he had to do it. Or if he did not do what he did you and I would not be here today.

I just have some bad feelings about getting all happy that you put a man to die and then you get all happy when he comes back in three days. That is just wrong. I think this will have to go on my list for God. Why would any one want to die for “this world” look at us. “We” in the world can’t get along anymore. Look at all, the wars that are going on right now. Look at what people are doing to each other. I don’t think God really wanted this to happen to us when he died for us. This is just so wrong.

I have faith I know that it had to happen but I still have a hard time at this whole thing. Why God did you do something like this for us? If you can see what we are doing why can you not help us just all get a long. I feel like I keep asking this question the thing I get back still dosen’t make sents. Deep down I will love you always but some times it’s just hard to do. Can you see what I see? Oh my God, why have you put us in this place on earth. I know that you will come again some day. I don’t know when or where but I will keep my mind, eyes and heart open to your voice.

But God, you know what has happend to me and my loved ones last year. Is it going to ever come to a stop? Is there going to be a good time in my life soon? You know the best thing for me and my family. I will let you do what you have pland but know that I will be very sad if you take any more of my loved ones away this year.


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