I need to push and do some of the house hold thing


As the b-friend is going to be going back to work. YES he did get a new job. I’m very happy for him. Yet, I need to make something out to help me get things done around here. That will be my goal of mine. I’m not telling him that. but I would like to do something nice for him and use. Yes a lot will be changing and I don’t know what or how it’s going to change. I need help to find something help me get on this side of cleaning. Yes I can clean some times. Yet, for the past few weeks I have not been doing so good with sleep. Yes sleep. so that is a whole nother blog post.

Oh, before I forget I was thinking I would make a few pages on my blog. You know what I’m listening to on my I pod. Like what podcast I’m listneing to and the people that I fallow for blogs. You know those kinds of things. What do you think???

No Odiogo on this blog sorry guys. I know I’m going to miss that and lose some people . 😦


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