Trying to get out of the funk


Hi guys, have you ever been in a funk. You know when you think that nothing is going to go your way. Or, you just find your self not understanding what is going on? Well my funk is this:

I love my dear B friend. I can’t believe that we have made it this far. But this is not where I really wanted to be. In my 30’s I saw myself in a house making good money. I would have a Dog. You know just starting to have a family. And were am I right now. I live in a apt with one bedroom. I can’t sleep for anything I can’t do anything right. I can’t believe that my Cerebral palsy is taking a turn and it’s not a good one. I work at the same place that I was working at when I was going to college.

I had to go and be in a trial. I had to hear that the person was found not guilty and he was going to get his license  back. I’m still having a hard time getting my mind around that one.

Yet the Funk is still around. Even when I have done things that make me happy. Like today I went to drop off clothes for the good will and I got a book back to the library. I even got to walk a bit today. Thinking that this would help with the funk. Sorry still in a funk and I have to go back to work on Monday. Grrrrrr  So I’m just going to try to get a good night tonight and see how this funk is in the morning


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