Today is Sunday


Hi all, This past week I was told that I am doing a good job at writing down what I am trying to say. Oh my, to hear that was just about the best thing ever. I have been having to write a lot of things down for the new work coach but it’s so very hard because I would like to write what I really mean. I don’t want to use the wrong two. to, or too. So when I hared this from some one who is not my work coach I was just feel the greats.

I do remember one of the rezones that I started this blog was to get better at writing and I think it is helping. It’s not doing it all. Yet, I have found that if I read blogs and use words that I find that helps. I still have some problems with some words but I’m working on that.
So that is a very good thing that happend this past week.
Another thing that happend was that I did not take a nape at all this week. Well Friday I did I was so much gone when I get home. However I’m finding that the sun is out and I feel a bit better and I am now all over farm ville on face book.
I’m also very happy to say that I got done with glitter girl. Very good fast read. I liked it a lot because it’s just a about a family and there two girls growning up and how one is all into church and the other is not. I would say a girl teen book.
The other thing that I have found out this week is at if I have my I pod on with a book my day is very fast.
So all in all it was a good week. I would give this week a 8 out of 10. next week I will have to see how I’m doing.

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