here is a new look for my blog


This is a pitcher that my dad had taken. I really wanted to show it off. So I have tryed to change my blog so the blog could show off the pitcher. I know it’s going to be spring here very soon. So I might change it sooner then I would like but you have to know that you will be seeing this again in the fall.

Today I was at my sisters house and she has a whole lot of pitchers and I forgot to pick them up. So when I get them I will have new pitcher to show off. I think that they are pitchers from the time I was down there. I can’t what until I get to see them.
So love the pitcher and I will get more soon

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  1. Hi Mary, I love the new look to your blog. I like that you have my picture of flowers on the sidebar :)By the way, you're right – your writing is definitely getting much better – well done!Glad to hear on Sunday that you had a good week. Hope it's still good. Take care.

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