The meeting with the work coach!!


I had my meeting with my work coach on Friday. Let me tell you after we talked I started to feel a bit better with what is going on. She had talked to one of the many doctors that I see. I was a bit worried when she said that she had talked to her. Yet, at the same time I was very happy that she was able to talk to this person.

I had written down things that I needed and things that I had to get out there. Was it good I don’t know yet. I know that she read what I wrote. Then we talked about what the doctor said. In this note that I wrote I use words that were more like ever day words that made her worried. They were just words that everyone has like stress and worried. I’m not looking for anything be. If anything it was more like if you are in my shoes what would you do? Something that a friend would say to help. Yes, I have some very good friends at work and life is very different between my life at work and there life at work.
Yet, lets try and just talk about this meeting. I have found myself growing. I know that she can’t see
it. That is just because she never saw me before. I really think that #2 Work Coach got to see the biggest change in me. I do find myself now trying to brake away. I think that is good. I still find that the work coach that I have now is hard to work with. And that makes me stressed. She doesn’t no me at all. I say that because she can’t pick up on my non verbal communication.
I know that people don’t always understand how to pick up on non verbal communication but working with people and working with lots of different people I would think that she could pick up on me not listening or just being nice and not wanting to make her upset.
So what I think I’m going to do is. . . I don’t know. at this time. Life is just harder then I would like with her. I think that some of the things that are happening at work are because of her. Like my number of errors are going up. My speed is not going up but coming down. These are just some of the things. I am having a hard time with that and many other things that she would have been able to help me with. Yet, with the stress that I’m having with the work coach it is hurting me. It’s not making things better. So what do I do?
In other ways of saying the same thing is that she is using to many spoons. I am losing them faster then I am getting them.
My podcast is helping me get some of the stress out and my blog is also helping me keep some of my spoons.

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  1. What is it that a work coach helps a person with in general? I've never really understood because I have never had one. Also can you tell this person some of their suggestions are not really working and ask that you discuss the issues more to find a more workable solution?? Just a thought.

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