Book review on the little princess


I know I’m not the best person at given book reviews but I have to say that I have always wanted to read this book and I found it. I had to stay home again to day and so I had a lot of time to sleep and listen to a book the book was The little princess. It was so fun to read this book, well what I remember. Like I said I spent a lot of time sleeping. I remember seeing a live show about the book when I was a little girl. I always loved it and I think my mom and sister wished that the VCR tape would go away.

Yes, I did say VCR for some of you that are younger then me at a time in the 80’s we had VCR’s. So any way I found this book on my I touch. I had down loaded a audio book reader on the I touch and I was looking around and I found the book.
When I was reading or listening to it I was remembering the show and I can put myself in the same time and place were I was watching the show. I think it was good to read it. The book was about a girl that goes off to a boarding school and many things happen to her. There are good things that happen to her. There are also so many bad things. But to find out what the good and the bad were you are going to have to read it. So if you have time go and check it out.

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