Today was a day


I love the people that I work with. Wait, let me just start this off with the people at work are great to work with. Yet, in this post I am talking about how much I like working with my team of people helping me to move on. All the appointments is kind of what I am talking about.

This week was going to be a week that I was going to only have two appointments. Yes, you are reading right, only two appointments. Well, it went down to one very fast. That would have been fine however one of the two were going to be with the work coach. So I did not worry when the one had something come up. I just called another person to see if they might be able to talk. They were able to get me in and I could just figher out what my game plan was going to be. I had to also talk to this person about other things that have just come up this week. That was good to just be able to talk my thoughts out with out anyone looking down at me. I have found that I have not been able to feel safe with the work coach yet. I might not ever get to be that safe again.
I’m hoping that I will be able to get that safe feeling again soon. Yet for now it’s not there and I have to find a “safe” place some place not with this person. I miss work coach #2 a lot right now. I’m trying to keep telling myself that I need to keep going because that person would want me to keep going. I can hear them say it’s going to be O K.
When I was in this appointment I was able to find some very funny things and with the help of this other person I was able to find things that would have made me get out of sorts in the past and now I’m fine with it. I am growing and if work coach #3 can’t see it oh well. I know that I’m doing the right thing for me. And yes there are still going to be those days that Mary just can’t deal with. But for now I’m just trying to get my ducks together for the meeting with the work coach at the end of the week.
Sorry not looking forword to it. Is this bad of me? I still need MRC’s help with some of my stuff. But I just have not had the time to work this out with the new person.

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