What is Clonus, well what I have been able to find out is that Clonus is neurological finding observed as a spasmodic reflex in the ankle due to a compression or injury of the spinal cord. I have been trying to find and learn as much as I can about my Cerebral Palsy. It was somthing that I really would like to know more about. I would also like to write something about Cerebral Palsy and how it will change. Even though many people in the medical world would say it will never get worries. I can say that they are all lying. I am trying to find facts that they have and try and learn them and understand them so when I do write something I can say know they are wrong.

I think it might be just a thing that I write for my self. I might just put it here on my blog. I don’t have any friends in the medical community that would do anything with it. Yet, it would be fun to find as much as I can.

Oh, and I do want to learn more about my disabitlty as a person with it and really need to learn how others are living there life with it. So it’s something that I would like to just learn about.

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