episode 120 old woman


Hi ever one
I would like to say that I did very good when it was very cold but right now I’m not doing that great with the cold

Really we are having a heat wave and I’m still cold

time talking to my mom in the winter place

appointments are happening all week

I would love to go to the home and garden show

I’m trying to go to daily mass.
I’m trying not to be the person that looks like “look at me, look at me.”
My whole department goes to mass and it’s very quick.
If I don’t get there. I use the sqpn and my Imiss when I can’t get there.
Quested about praying the Rosary?

I don’t like the path that God has laid out for me.

should I change jobs or not

I Touch
all of my accounts are now on my I touch I’m so happy.

I’m still kind of sick
I don’t spend time on the computer


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