The week is over


This week has been a very long and hard week. I am so happy to have a good weekend. I would love to just sleep and get up to date on podcasts. The first thing I need to do is that I need to get in tuch with the work coach, she sent me a e-mail and said that she was able to hear my voice mail but could not hear all of it. she was going to be calling me after work. So I’m at the library. No I’m not looking for a book. I am hoping that I will get a better cell phone reception. If I don’t get a call in a bit I will just go home and when she calls I will just call her from one of the other phones. We have some very bad phones at home and they don’t keep a charge and I don’t want to be in the middle of a call with her and then have it cut me out.

Even though it was a hard week. I will be able to say that I did it myself this week. it’s not very often that I get to say that. I have been able to do some other things. I did not give up on myself at all this week. I hope that next week will be just as good. I have had some bills come up that I did not know about but I have the money for them and I will be able to get the money back.
Well the I tuch is almost out of battery and I should get home. so this week is a good one but don’t expect anything out of me this weekend.

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