Have you ever thought about who has helped shape you?


Hi all, Ok not anything about work or the cold, Today I got up and I was thinking to myself of something that I herd ones. and that is that the China’s believe that all people are born with a blank sheet of paper. Ever thing and every one that you have some kind of person you interact with like talk to or you do something for them your blank sheet gets a new collor, line, or something like that.

Well, Who in your life has been a good thing or friend or even you did something for them to make and shape you? Yes, I know that a lot of you might say God. Yes, that is true but who here on earth has helped shape you? Family, friends, people that you just help? This really got me thinking of so many people and places that I have been in my life. Then it got me thinking of how much my family has shaped me.
Living in so many different places has changed who I am. I don’t think the same way that some people think. I don’t think that people should be judged by the color of there skin. I have so many friends that I dearly love and would do anything for. ( people that I have seen) Bad friendships that have goon bad and now with the help of God have goon good. I have friendships that have lead to new friendships. I have family friends that I know that I can call when ever I need a person that is not mom or dad to talk to. People that have come into my path of life that I know will all ways be there if I need them. I will go to them if they need me.
Now, I do have a great group of friends on line that I hope to meet this summer. They have helped put color on that paper. They have been there to help get me to blog, and do a podcast. They have also been a great group of people to call me out on things that are not right.
Not all people will put good things on this peace of paper. Bad things can go on this peace of paper. Here is a good one for you to think of that is not a good thing. The trial will have put fire on my paper. Yet, at the same time it will be a good thing because I was able to stand up for me and so many others that might not have been able to talk for them self.
So, I ask you again who has put marks on your sheet of paper?

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