6 more week of winter


We are getting 6 more weeks of this white stuff called snow, oh and don’t for get the cold. This is something that I don’t like to hear but what can I do about it. I have been trying to get my mind on the warm A Z sun. This last snow that came through was really hard. It was hard on me and on a lot of people that had to go drive. For myself I just feel like I forgot something like one more layer of clothes. I have not been able to get warm scents. As for the snow. we had rain before the snow and that is not good. That just means ice under the snow know one, likes that here in Mn. I don’t think that most people that have to deal with ice and snow like it. I think the only good thing of the whole storm is that the snow is white again, and not gray anymore.

I had to stay home today, I don’t like it at all. My back was having spasticity in it. That has never happened before and it kind of scared me because it’s the first time that it has happened. Well now that I have felt it and know kind of what I need to do. I will not worry as much. It is still very strange and when I put my hand back there I some times can feel the spasticity.

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