can I go back


This is so, where I would love to be right now! There is snow on the ground here and it’s not ever nice looking snow. but it is snow. To think of Tortilla Flats in A Z just makes it harder to be here in Mn were the job is and the snow.

Oh yes the job. Well it’s going along well really. I still have some things that I can’t stand. Yet, I think that there is always places that you might work at and not like a person here or there. Im just say a prayer that I am so happy that I have a work coach. And, that she can listen to me. I think that is one very good thing about having a work coach. it’s hard right now. Yet, it’s a good thing.
I got a phone call the other day from the Manager of the work coaches. I have worked with her in the past. I think that when I talked to her she just came out and asked if I would like to step back and not use a work coach for a bit, that would be fine. I would be able to come back when ever I felt like I needed the help. I said no, this would be one of the bad times to do something like that. I said something like with all the one years coming up fast I don’t think I can do it. by my self. So, we both said then we will go on as pland and I will start with my new person.
So to day it’s hard because I did see the new work coach and she did ask if I could put the past behind me and just look at what is in front of me. I said yes I would but, it was going to be hard. I am going to try and let the years go and be the past and now let the new year be now but it’s so hard.
So going back to Arizona would be so much fun.

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