this year I will start an new chapter of my life


I think that I am ready to write something about 2009. A lot has happend in to 2009 for me. I did some things that I thought I would never have to do. I got to be (not that I wanted) to be a part of a trial. It was and still is a life altering thing that I am still trying to work on. I used a lot of spoons on that one. I had to see my b-friend have to go through something that is still very hard to think about, and that is put his father to rest. That took a lot out of everyone. I lost my faith and stopped going to church. God and I had a very hard time in 2009. Yet, I still believe that there is a God out there. I still believe that he will come again. But going to church has been a very hard thing.

Some time in June I started a podcast. Not really knowing what I was doing. I know that I had “gotten” the bug to do more then just write. So I am very happy to say that I found a name for my podcast and I got up to 99 shows in 2009. Here, check it out, the name is my audio Journal. I talk about me and what I have to do on a daily base. I also talk a bit about family, faith and friends. I also have found a new way to get to work. Last year I got into two car accidents at the same cross streets. So I have changed the way I get to work. Not that it is good or anything but I had my first car accident that was not my fault.
My dad and mom were up north this year. However, they were down in the city almost every week. Dad had a long summer his health has been going down. I do count all the days that my dad and mom are still here with us. I don’t know what I’m going to do when they do leave us.
For my birthday I got to spend it with my b-friends family. However, the week after I got to go up north to spend time with dad and mom. I had so much fun. It was the last time that I would see my uncal. I say that because the next time that I would have seen him was at his wake. He passed away and I was able to go and see him at the wake. The next day I would be with my dad at the hospital with a T I A. That was very hard for my family. I was very scared about the whole thing. Yet, I had to put my strong self out there. I know mom and my sister were going to have a hard time. They were at the church when it happened. I was just getting there as sister was leaving.
Dad and mom left for the winter place in Oct. They left because it got cold. However, they were in town for my nephew’s birthday before grandma and grandpa left. That was a lot of fun.
The winter came and it was and is still hard on me. But for Christmas I got a plane trip to go and see the winter place for new years. That was a lot of fun to see dad and mom in a warm place with lots to do. They ended up with both Girls down there at different times but one right after another. I think both mom and dad had a good time with there kids.
When I came home I found out that I was going to be getting a new work coach again. That was hard and still is. Because, she was with me for the trial or the life altering thing. And to think of it being just about a year that things started to go along with the life altering thing is hard. And, to try and go through the next year with all the first times. With out her his going to be hard.
So as you can see I would like to put 2009 in the books and start a new chapter in my life. Some might think it’s just a bend in the road. But, it’s time to change things up.

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