Work Coach up date


I love MRC, I think I have said that many times. but I would like to just say that with out them I would not have a job right now. I might have said something that was true but not in a very nice work place way. I have had two great and loving work coach’s. I think most of you know how MRC I loved the first one. I think I did a post about her. So tell me tell you all about number two.

I got my second work coach when I thought it was the worse time. I was told that I would be getting a new one about one year ago. It was when I was starting to get ready for the trial. When I was told this I was very scared because I had so many unknowns, that I could not get. So it was like MRC was just going to give me one one more unknown thing. It’s been a year now and I can tell you that I am so glad that my work coach changed. Yes, we know that it was the hardest thing for all. However, at the same time. I have learned so much from her in the past year. She was right at my side when I was going through the trial. She was there for the after math of it. She helped me pic up my life after the trial when things did not go the way that most would have liked it. She was there to see me get so mad at work and want to just leave. I learned that I could do it. She was going on a vacation and was not going to be in town or even in the U S A. I was so worried that I was not going to be able to do anything. Yet, she said that I would be fine. She said That it was OK to call her boss. I try really hard not to call her boss because I have worked with her also. But to get the OK to call her was good. She helped me grow up a little. This past year I had to set up the meeting with her, my boss, and myself. I really would have loved to let her do it. But she did not let me let her do it. So I tried to do it the best I could. I was able to do it.
As I write this I have to tell you all that I have a heavy hart. I just got the news that she will no longer be my work coach. I am very sad and the tears have happened. I am going to miss her voice and I’m going to miss talking to her. Today when she told me this news. She said that with every change I grow. I then had to tell her that yes that might be true. However, with every change I don’t trust as much as befor. I under stand why this happend but it’s hard to know that the next time I see her will be the last time. She is leaving MRC. I don’t think this is somthing that she would like to do but with the economy the way it is I was hopeing, and praying that it would not hurt MRC. Yet, it has, and the economy has inpackeded me in so many ways.
So starting friday I will have a new person. I will not know much more then that. I hope I will be able to send her a card of thanks. I know I’m going to miss her a lot. I feel very much alone right now. I hope she will read this and now that she has helped me in so many ways. And the new person is going to have to fill some big shoes. So thank you again.
For you who are reading this right now I can say that it’s going to take baby steps for a little bit. Lots of coming here and writing this down. I would say Faith but I feel that this one is going to have to go on the list for god. So there are going to be up dates on this one

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