grandma came in last night


Please remeber that I still am not at home.

Hi all, I am happy to say that Grandma got here last night. I was sleeping on the couch last night and I am still going to sleep on the couch tonight and Friday night. I think I sleep much better. There then in the bed. I did get to see my family who lives here in AZ. My sister is calling my dad to tell him happy birthday and she is also trying to tell me all about how cold it really is out there. I’m not vary happy about that. I still have a few days left before I have to go home and try and get use to the cold again. not something that is the greates.

I have been taking lots of pix with my phone and the camera. So getting them all on the computer is going to be a bit hard. I think it’s going to be a lot of twit pixes and then it’s going to be down loading most of the other pitchers. I hope to get them up on line very soon when I get home.

Here is another thing is that I have been working out a lot, if it is not walking around it is I’m in the pool. Everyone at home said that should be able to get out everyday and get some sun and you know I have been doing just that. Even today when it was not that warm I was still out said in shorts and I even when down to the pool. So that was good. I have been keeping up my end of the deal now when I get home I hope the Doctor will keep up the end of there part. Now I don’t know what the end of the part is for them but I have been getting out. I think I might have lost a bit of weight it will be good to get home and see what I am at.


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