What am I going to do?


I am still trying very hard to save for a Mac book computer. The more I use dad’s computer the more I would like my own. I think I walked to much. I am very sleepy my feet hurt just because I have been walking a lot. I’m thinking about taking a day or so off with the steps. Yesterday I was up to 2079 steps it was a lot and I. today I’m up to 1284 steps today. So I think I am about to get over a 1000 steps when I’m here. I have not been to the poll yet. I am going to do that but it’s been fun.

If I can get the very big bill, that came up at the end of the year payed off before tax time. I will be using the money from my taxes I really need a Mac book computer go . This will be happen even if my cards are not payed off. I know that two of them will be payed off. Well, the two cards are to the point were I don’t have anything that I don’t know about on them. Like the card that has parking on it “only” only has parking on it.

I told the work coach I was not going to think about things that might get me down when I was out here. So I’m going to tell you that mom and I went out today. It was good to get out with her. I walked more then she ccould I was very happy about that. I know it’s not nice to out walk your own mom but it must be good because my feet don’t hurt until I am not on them. I might up date you Monday but maybe not.


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