I did it


Last night as I was trying to put a podcast together I changed the address name to my blog. Why did I do something like that? Well it was hard for me to send people over to my blog. So now I can tell people the name of my blog and tell them to but put all the words together and put a dot blogspot dot com at the end of it. Yes I know it is long but I felt that it was a good thing.

I can say that I had one appontment last night before the big storm. Yes we had a very big storm come in last night but I will be writing on that later. I just thought I would tell you all why I changed the url for my blog.

Oh yes, if you have a blog that I read and don’t have it on my blog roll please tell me. I last all my blogs that I have and am fallowing. So please, please tell me. I didn’t stop reading your blog I just lost it. So with the change I am still working on getting some things back up and running. Thank you for all your help.


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