money, am I getting any where


Ok as I try and get myself ready to go and buy things for my family. I have to keep in mind that I have to still pay off my cards. However, all the cards will have some kind of money on them but not like it is today. I do think I am getting some were with the hold money thing. There are just days that I feel like I’m not getting any were. Like the weeks that I have to go to doctors everyday. yes, I can hear all of you say you have to do that all the time. Yet, there are weeks that doesn’t feel that way. Next year it will not be that bad you know. I am having problems with my feet this year. I am hoping that I will not have this problem with my feet next year. I am working very hard to get past the trial that happened this year and was life altering. I know that this will still be an on going thing into next year. I still am learning how to take on the winter with my body. I just need to keep warm and I need to keep myself from staying in one spot. So I do see next year as a better year.

I really am trying to keep my eyes open for God this year. I think when I went back to church last week they are putting into place some of the new things that the people at the church are going to have to implement in the next few years. Let me say it’s hard to try and re-learn things that you learned as a kid and now you have to learn it again. “it’s not right”. So I might not be getting any were with my money but I am getting some were with the money of life.
The apostle creed is all ways going to be the same thing. Even if they try and change it on me. I think to my self what it must have been like when my mom and dad had to go from one way of doing church to a new way. That was a long time ago that it happened. and now I must be going through the same kind of thing as they were going through. It’s just all “change”.

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