advent week 2 for 2009


Hi all, I have to say that I’m really trying to make life a bit better this advent. I will be going to church this weekend. and I will be working on trying to get ready for Christmas. I just have a few things that I need to get for my sister’s little boy. I’m happy that there is some one that is little in our family. I just found out what I am going to be getting him.

My mom called today and we talked about life. She said that Thomas told her that Tia and I looked for number one and I found it and I got candy. I thought that was so nice to hear that Thomas thought that was a thing to tell grandma. So if I learned anything this week is that I need to try and stay open to what God might be saying to me through little voices out there.
Today is just a little note to say that don’t be looking for a big thing to show up on your door step. You might have to go looking for it and it might not be big. It might be the little things in your life that talk to you from God.

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  1. miss ellen eI love it. I don't have one at my house so I thought I would just find one and I was going through my bloggs that I read and I found your.

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