I think that you guys will like this, more blogging?


As I sit here today and I know I’m going to church tonight. I am not staying for youth group. I am just going to go to church. But this is not why I am writing this post. I am writing this because I’m going to try and blog a bit more. I will only have to work four days a week in December so my podcast will only have four shows going out. I’m going to try and write more and more. Don’t get me wrong I love to podcast but I have kind of let my blog go to the side. But really the only time I like to podcast is if I am on the go. If I can find time to sit and write on my blog I like to do that.

I have found that my spelling is not as good as I would like it to be. Yet, I am around people that love me and are able to read my chats and blogs and that they can still understand it. But I would like to still work on the spelling.
I can say that ever sents I started this blog my spelling has gotten better but not the greatest. Or, what I would say up to par. It will just take more time and more writing to get to were I would like to be.

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