My goal right now


Today I was listening to the biggest loser podcast as I was trying to sleep some more. I think I just got it. I have wanted to lose weight and I did not have a goal time. So I was thinking about my mom and dad and the winter place so here is my goal. I’m going to lose the weight and be were I was in college. I’m going to do it before my mom and dad come home. It’s a big challenge because I have a lot of weight to a lose befor they get home.

This is going to be hard because it’s winter time now and God only knows what the weather is going to be. I’m going to lose the weight befor they come home. That I know. Some how I’m going to do it.

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  1. Amanda,I have a nother blog some were that mom and dad don't know about and I think I'm going to use one of those blogs. To keep track. Like today I got in about .5 miles and it was walking all around my sis place. I love that naberhood. and so I migtht go walk there for when it's nice like today.

  2. Miss Ellen EI don't know if I have your e-mail address. I will be putting more of my up dates on another up blog. I don't know wish one yet but one is on live jurnal and some people are about to see it. Because it's very person things about me. and working on Mary things so only a few close friends are able to see it. If I go that way I will need your e-mail. If I don't go that way I will let you know.

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