Meeting that I had Friday


Hi all, as you might have heard that I had a meeting with my boss man. It went Ok, I was getting mad because he was not taking responsibility for anything. So it was very hard to sit there and listen to him say to the work coach, that he is not responsible for anything. He just kept saying that it’s not my responsiblily to know these things. At the end of the meeting he started to talk about how he did drop the ball. and then he started to just say that yes I should have done this. This was after I said that it was not a meeting to find all the negative things through out the year. I’m glad that the work coach was there, because there was times in the meeting that I did have to point out what he was saying his was not his responsibly for and what was he responsible for. I was getting up set and there was a lot more that I would have liked to tell him. He made it all about my FMLA but it was not all that. It was more about other things that he was not looking at.

So really I don’t know if I got anything out of it. I got to say some of the things that I did want to say but at the same time I was not able to keep going on things that I would have liked. He said that he did not want his supervisor there because he would have had to answer to him.
I did not sleep very well at all. I had a hard time with telling myself that yes he did say that he did drop the ball. Yet, it took him a long time to say anything like that. it’s kind of funny that he did not want his supervisor there, don’t you think?
I needed a place to put my thoughts down. I have had time to think about it, and I’m trying to put it away but it’s hard. I think that this is the next step for me. How to just put it away. Even though I will think about it. More then I let on. So these are my thoughts and feelings. Right or wrong I don’t know, But they are my feelings and my thoughts.

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