episode 51 very long



Nothing going on today
very happy it’s friday
work was very hard yestorday
I would like to go with my b-friend to the mac store
say a little prayer for my co-worker
it got cold out
hoping friday will not have tomany cars on the road
talking about time off

talking about podcast.
Matthew Ebel as a paying member. I really like him.
did not bring lunch
reading on line about C P
running podcasts
Lunch time
three people is so much better then two.
steps in for the day at lunch was around 42.
I’m going to try and get my fly shot (did not get it)
The moring has been a bit stressed. I think that this week has been a hard week
everyone is sick
getting ready for the meeting with superviser and work coach. This is the first time I take it in my hands.
after work
I had 24 mins of good podcasting
I’m at the mall right now
buget is tite
talking about car insurance
no mac book any time soon.
the doctors would like me to get walking and get going
better place to walk

the Catholic family

daily breakfest

gspn pabl

geek is chic

Maggie’s world

kelowngurl podcast
my take on that
Girls night in rado
my blog www(dot)bear1mary(dot)blogspot(dot)comm
my podcast e-mail myaudiojournal(at)gmail(dot)com

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