episode 50, oh my it’s 50 time to change it up.


lots to say and just not the time

Morning all:
Driving to work like I am most the time.
50 shows have been put up
I got an Itunes review
Some people like Short podcasts
For me, I like to listen to them when they are the same. I can walk out to one show and back with the next show.
I’m going to put the song at the end
I’m just going to keep it morning, something small to brake it up. Lunch update and then the afternoon, Last of all will be a song if I have not gone to long.
Change the web site.
On tap for the day.
P T: Can I do anything with my feet yet.
We might be getting snow this weekend
need to get the clothes out
lunch up date:
Walking and I’m going to get more then 1000 steps.
stress is up today and I need to get the stress out.
Some one told me I was mumbling
Long morning right now
No P T today
My body is just killing me. If one thing is out on my body like my feet the rest of my body hurts because of it.
losing spoones fast
after work
no P T
have a headache
Mike things news
millionaire or bust
Matthew Ebel
my blog www(dot)bear1mary(dot)blogspot(dot)comm
my podcast e-mail myaudiojournal(at)gmail(dot)com

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