episode 48 what to do with my feet


morning all:

Weekend was great and the week looks good
No church
I got to BLOG
have to take meds at night because the next morning was not good
it got cold
got behind on podcast

What is on tap
calling family to help me tape my foot
food that might keep me going.
tell you what I eat in the morning
Tell you what I have for lunch
After work:
my feet hurt so bad so I didn’t get up at all at lunch. I had to eat at my desk. So now I’m going to target.
No appointments
This is a good week From the appointments
Help guys I need your help. . .
new game plan for the podcast
Work out
was not that great but here it is .949 miles 1938 steps
A positive moment with jon gordon
60-second science
Daily Breakfast – The #1 Catholic Podcast
Fat 2 Fit Radio

fatherroderick’s AudioBoo
60-Second Psych
Geek Is Chic

Girls night in Radio
Catholic family podcast

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