learning how to communicate better


The week has been very hard. Things I know were not going to be going my way from about Monday. It was a week that I would not wish on anyone. I think I should tell you that first I was going to be getting my car fixed. So that was a pain. The middle of the week was good really. Then on Thursday is when it got hard again. I had an appointment that I needed to go to. It was hard to go to. At the end of the appointment is when it really got hard. I was put in a place that I don’t like to talk about. It’s good that at this appointments she put me there hut it’s a very hard place to go for me. I think it has to do with how I communicate.

That, is just what it is the way I communicate when I get put into a spot that I don’t like. This is going to be very hard for me to talk about. I close down very, very fast. I know I do it and I don’t know how to keep open when I am put into a spot that I don’t like. I was hopping that I was doing somthing about the problem with my podcast. And I also thing that I was doing something about it when I started my blog. I’m thinking that it is not working.
I think that because I’m doing the EMDR life is getting much better on the out side. I feel that things are starting to get better. Yet, things that I tried not to talk about are now coming up like how I communicate when I’m not comfortable. I think it’s a good thing but I also think that It’s going to be very hard for me.

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