have you ever had a hard time getting going


Here is the thing I really need to do laundry. But I don’t have the want to do it. I wish I could just send it off and then my clothes just come back clean. Yet, I don’t have to pay for it. That is something that I would love to find. I know this is not a very good post but it’s just something that is on my mind.

I might start posting little things like this and label them little thoughts. I don’t know. I don’t have much faith that I will get my laundry done today. However I need to get it done. right now it’s 11:34 lets see how long this post is going to be, as for time. I am going right now.
first load in it’s 12:00.
just got back from moving the clothes 12:30
it’s 1.35 and the last load is in the dryer.
Ok just got done doing the laundry and it’s 2:30 now I just need to put it all away Grrrrr

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