episode 40; Oh my 40 I can’t believe it


Morning up date:

Oh my God 40 episodes
Who would have thought I would be doing this for 40 days. I’m just very happy.

I talk about the way I’m cleaning my APT. One room at a time.
I can walk again.
feet still hurt

Lunch time:
I’m walking and I feel great.
My energy leave is getting better
Ok morning
Lunch was the same as Tuesday. Peen Butter sandwich carets and celery and strawberry’s

after work

I’m done at work and I lost another spoon. So it is to spoons that I used, Yet I still come home with 8 spoons. That is so good for me.

talking about car and money

Were am I going to:
I’m going home and clean some things if I don’t run out of energy.

podcast that I have listen to

This a believe
daily breakfast


my blog: www(dot)bear1mary(dot)blogspot(dot)com

my podcast www(dot)myaudiojournal(dot)blogspot(dot)com
E-mail www(dot)myaudiojournal(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Hey, mary…happy 4oth episode. I tried to send you some audio feedback but your email address didn’t work for me so I posted the file at SQPN connect, responding to your post about press releases…check out the audio file and hopefully you can use it!

  2. Thank you so much Jim

    I have been blessed with great friends like you that know were I do hang out.

    I have gotten to the file and I will be playing it some time this week. You will have to listen to find out when I play it. 🙂

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