episode 39 I can walk a bit more


Morning up date:

morning all I am recording when I am not driving the car. Well I did drive a bit befor I got off.

I brought my paper shred stuff to work. So that is out of the house.

When I got to work, I started to talking about work.

How d0 you know what is the best job for you?

I can walk a little bit again. So, you guys are going to get a lunch update.

Lunch time:

Just told you what I was eating for lunch. I am glad that I got some steps in today.

after work:

home to clean today

Were am I going to

I’m not going any were today. The appointment that I had to day was canceled. So that made me so happy.

podcast that I have listen to:

manic Monday podcast( I’m not puting the link in. I just found out he ended his podcast and there are not very many in I tunes.)
Meggie’s world Podcast
daily breakfest

my blog: www(dot)bear1mary(dot)blogspot(dot)com
my podcast www(dot)myaudiojournal(dot)blogspot(dot)com
E-mail www(dot)myaudiojournal(at)gmail(dot)com


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