episode 37 can’t walk 20 min


Morning things


can’t walk as much any more.

I get to stretch
not much happening

I was not in the mood to talk really

I did find a new way to get to work, so now I don’t have to drive on the road that I don’t like at all.
Monday I get to get the renter car.

Lunch time

found my blog of the week and it’s Adora to devote I like this blog because I can see some one and there own beliefs, We both believe in the same thing. This person has been looking in to ways of serving the church. I think that is so neat to see her thoughts about going around to other places.

The end of the day

Thank you Geek is chic for saying nice things about my blog. And your help today.
I have to run to some stores
more about walking
check list
work talk
weekend things.
budget talk

Itunes 9.0

here are my podcast today

catholic foodie


Stephanie unplugged

katia and kyliemac

my blog: www(dot)bear1mary(dot)blogspot(dot)com
my podcast www(dot)myaudiojournal(dot)blogspot(dot)com
E-mail www(dot)myaudiojournal(at)gmail(dot)com


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