episode 35 another day, another doller


This morning when I was coming into work the recording did not work so you get a very fast good morning from me.
I got to work
I have appointments in the after noon
car things
Lunch time
brought lunch today.
I’m walking again 20 min
I’m stiff because of the shock of it
Found and out there might be something wrong with my feet

three good things that have happened this year.
1 being able to do a podcast
2 getting a complement from someone I don’t even work for
3 finding the new doctor that I’m going to.
car update
no rent car yesterday
I’m dropping off my car on Monday and get the renters car next week.
after work today
looking back I was able to look out and see a change.
my tip for the day if you use Garage band join them together and then do you past editing.

Work things
I am very upset with what was going on today.
all of my Audioboo’s
great day from jody Gmant

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