podcast 31 the end of the week



today is Friday
I’m just understanding that my b-friends dad is not going to call this weekend.
I don’t feel good but I need to go to work.
I feel it’s going to be a hard day
I have two appointment in the afternoon.
my work coach is coming today.
I’m happy for Maggie to keep going with her podcast even though she went back to school and work.
I’m thinking that I’m going to read the Twilight books.
I have the free chapter for Twilight.
I also have the first chapter for the New Moon.
talking about new I tunes 9.0 I don’t like it.
did not walk at lunch.
I find myself not hungry for like two days and then I can’t find things in the house that I would like. I get so hungry after the two days. What do you guys do?
I still eat the not so good food. Yet I have cut back!
I started to blog about my 9/11. (it’s up at my blog)
My work coach fixed my computer and I can now read my e-mails
there is something wrong with my feet.
Podcast that I listen to

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