podcast 30 I did not go to work


I did not go to work today

I got up with a bad headache. It was not allergies . So I know it was going to be a maybe day.
I new it after I went to the bathroom. I could not stand up strait. I was shaking.
The shaking happens when something is not right in my body.
It could be just about anything.
It could be a long day.
It could be that I am stressed out.
It could even be I did not sleep well.
As I have said to the doctors the shaking happens when something is not right. I can lose the ability to walk and see well. If this happens at work I just try and keep my good face on. Walking can be hard at work but I will try and not move as much when this happens. I have learned ways to get around the seeing thing. When it gets done I am very much out of it. I get very sleepy.
one of the bad things is that I am a person that hates not being at work. I have been known to go to work and have people tell me to go home.
Here is another thing. I don’t but today canceler a appointment. I had to do it for P T.
E-mail is www(dot)myaudiojournal(at)gmail(dot)com

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