Episode 29 some new podcast that I am happy to see


In the morning
I’m so happy to say that Maggie just started a new podcast. I’m so happy for you. I will be on the side line saying go Maggie go.
New podcast that I was very happy to see get up and that is Catholic Vitamins
I’m trying to cut back on the podcast that I’m listening it’s hard.
Did not get a good night sleep B-friend snorrs and someone likes to play music at 4:30 in the morning. So, that is why I didn’t get a sleep well.

At this time I’m only one day behind.I’m trying to keep the spelling up but I don’t know if its that great
I love the sky in the morning
need to start listen to more postcast
I got a comment about the person who reads my blog and now is reading my show notes for my podcast. I was very happy about that.
I’m walking in the sky way again 20 min
Listen to Katla and kylienac, Got through Magiec, Some ones Audio boo (sorry can’t remember.)
How can people talk and walk at the same time. I’m having a hard time doing it, but I am doing it.
P T is not happening today.
gummy bears melt.
I’m still thinking that I am getting a mac book. But I might just get a I tuch. I don’t know what I’m going to do.
End of the day
I got done with what I needed to day.
I don’t like my step counter. It did not count my steps on my walk today.
I get some of my step counter from on line and some of them from the book store.
I forgot to change Yesterday podcast to a mp3 so I could do show notes at work. so I didn’t get that done, and that just made me mad when i found that out.
I’m trying to loss weight. I can’t believe that I’m this heave. I have never been in a place like this were I’m trying very hard to get my wight down.
Part of me would like to go and work on a new step at the gym. I’m going to go and take a nape. I will do the new step tomorrow.
I have a lot of books that I’m wanting to listen to so I might listen to them and then I will be trying to do a book revew. It will be on my blog. (www(dot)bear1mary(dot)blogspot(dot)com
I’m going to take a podcast title and just use it for blogs. I really like it.
something to just top the day off is (I’m not going to tell you. You will have to listen and hear).
family news
dad is still going to have surgery next week.
Question of the day
What is the different between Utterz and Audio boo?

Catholic Vitamins

Pray as you go
daily breakfast
this I believe
Harry potter
here is the inportend stuff

Show nots WWW(dot)myaudiojourna(dot)blogspot(dot)com

My blog


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