amy one have some spoons to give to me!!


As most of you know, this weekend was going to be a fun weekend. I was going to be able to get out of town. I was going to be going up north. I think I had put on twitter and Plurk that it was not going to happen. If you don’t have me as a friend there. You are missing a whole lot of stuff. Those are the two places that I will up date all day long. I don’t know what it is also up dating but it is up dating many places also.

This weekend was going to be hard for me because I was going to have to say good bye to a family member. I was then going to be at the hospital for my dad. Then I was leaving town for the rest of the weekend. Long weekend why not go up north. Well That is not what happened. All of that when out the window.
Yes I got to the church and then everything went down hill and fast. My dad had a TIA and was taken to the hospital and did not have surgery. He was mad. If you know my dad you know how he gets. And let me tell you that he was mad. They keep him in for a night. And then “we” his family would not let him go up north.
So the weekend up north was not going to happen. I wish I could say other whys.
So as I right this blog today I have to say dad is doing well. I did not get to go and see my uncle. Yet I did see him at the wake. Oh yes it’s Monday and I have no spoons to have for the week so if you can just give me some that would be a good thing. Just don’t think you are going to be getting them back

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