episode 25 running around


I did talk to all of my family last night

I’m behind on my own podcast listening.

At this time I need gas
I have a lot of appointments this afternoon.
B-friend love his gift

I need to call the work coach today because I was having a not so good day.
I feel like people are not hearing me
I’m walking right now/ I walked yesterday over 4000 steps
For people who are new:
In the morning I tell you how I think the day is going to go.
At lunch I walk. I tell you how the day is going on.
After work at 2pm I take you with me for what ever is going on.
Family things
My aunt is doing as best as sch can. her family is still in shock.
What I’m feeling
stressed, different and weird
From all the people that have passed away my feelings are all different. I did love all of the people. yet, I feel different for all of there passing away..
Scents we moved back to MN My family has been trying to get closer to my dad’s sister.
how many times is it going to take me to may a u turn to get to P T?
For this podcast you need to go from oldest to . Or it will not make sends.
Something that has been working for me when I eat. to pick up my fork and put it down in between eating. it works.
I forgot my parking card up at my desk and I don’t have the spoon’s to go and get it. I did get out and I’m off with my GPS is on. You guys get to hear me talk to myself.
I’m thinking
I am putting all of the parts of my podcast together However, getting them up every day is going to be hard. I have one computer and a b-friend that likes to play his game. So I need my mac book!
3 Blind Mice
The b-friend and I are going out tonight

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