episode 24 Uncle passing away


Last night my uncle passed away. He had been having some Health problems for years. We all new that it was just a matter of time. I believe that he did go very fast. God was calling him to come home now. He fainted and was gone. I got the news last night from my mom. My aunt’s kids came right over when they found out and were with her. My parents came down when they found out. Today I’m going to go over and spend time with her. I hurt for my dad and my aunt’s family.

My uncle was a very great guy. Now that my family has been back to Mn my parents have been around my Aunt and Uncle a lot more. My whole family has been around more. I might have only seen then a few times in the year, but I would always know that Christmas time I would see him. so it’s going to be hard for me.
I pray for one month that will not have one Big thing in it. Yet, it’s not going to be this month. I can say last month was out, the month before that is out, and I believe the month before that was out.
I’m worried that I will not be able to get the day off. And that is on my mind. I don’t know if I should even go up north for the weekend. I’m trying to get my thoughts to gather as I drive to work. I am in shock and I don’t know how to make things make sends. Who should I talk to??
Good news
Here is the one good thing for me today. The b-friend and I have been going out for 8 years. Thanks b-friend for your love.
People are listening to my podcast. I don’t know if they are subscribing or not. Hey, if they are listening it’s a good thing. Yet, you guys can say Hi on the blog it’s Ok really.
My mom is so funny. She saw my I pod and she fell in love with it. but she has a hard time getting around the Internet.
Work out
I walked 15 min at work. My back is hurting. but I now I need to do this. Farmer Mark on down town. It’s a summer thing. I walked to Target and back to work.
Afternoon up date. B-friend and his dad would have had the same month’s B-day. Talking more about my feeling about my family and what I should do.
Sarah Bauer these tears

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