Have you ever thought to your self what a life would be like if. . .

Well I have been doing that for a bit now. And I have come up with I need to stop buying things that I don’t need. I need to start saving for my Mac book even more now. I need to just keep doing what I can to keep that in mind. I’m not saying that I have not been doing that. I just need a hit ever now and again to tell me that this is something that I would really like and it would do be more better then bad. If you know what I mean. I have not been able to skype my friends at all because the b-friend computer is not working right and he will not take it in again. So it’s hard to hear me on the other end.
I have also been thinking of, if my life was good and well thought out that maybe I would be going back to school soon. That was always my thought was that I would take a year off and then go back to school. Now that I think hard about it I might not ever be able to go back to school.
If I didn’t have all of these health things I might have a better life. I would be able to do more things. I would be able to go and have a long night out and not have to worry about the next day. I would not have to look at my spoons all the time. I could just be a “normal person”

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  1. No one is normal. Life is hard, and I think these adversities have made you a stronger and better person than the vast majority out there. Better than I am, anyway. I wish the very best for you, and I hope things soon get better for you!Are you using a Dave Ramsey budget in order to save for the new computer?

  2. Zina thank you for saying somthing. Normal is what I would call anything that I'm not. I think that if I didn't have the C P I would be much more "Normal", will that is what I think. I know that if I didn't have that I would have something. But for now I would love not to have the C P.As for the computer No I'm not doing the dave ramsey budget. I am so much in det right now. it's not even funny. I'm going through the calender right now to see if I'm going to have the money for the doctors before I see them. So I'm Budgeting for them. but the cards are starting to get out of hand.

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