the steps with God?

As I look at this pitcher I think to my self that there are only one set of foot prints in the sand. Are they my foot prints or are they Gods and where are mine. Some one had said to me that some times you can’t see God, because he is so close to you. And there is something that I think is happening. Yes, I know that might be a pitcher of God holding me. I don’t buy into that but I would say that he might be just so close to me that we only need one set.
As I think of what has been going on in my life these past few months. I think of maybe I don’t see him, However I know in my heart he is there. So, he is just using other ways to show me that he is there for me. I say this because I just saw my work coach yesterday and she had said to me look at all the change that has happened in your life and you have grown from these changes. You are not looking for the bad things all the time. That is very true, I’m looking for the warm fuzzies. I would rather look for good things in my life then the bad. You know there are so many bad things in the world that I live in. So finding the good things is just as hard to find. Yet, if you are looking for them they are all over and I just have not been looking for them.
Now I have to say that life is still hard and God is out there. Yet I know that with his help and me looking for the good things in life. I’m going to be Ok

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