we got the computer back


I am very happy to say that we got the computer back. I’m so happy that we have it back. I tried to get the b-friend to let me get my computer. but he didn’t take the bate. He didn’t get it. We did find out that we are very much different people. And that is the scary thing. With out the computer we don’t have much to talk about. We did go to Mall of America and walked around. But really it is not much. We use to have so much more incommen but the more that we didn’t have the computer I would just get more and more upset, not at him I had my I pod but he didn’t have anything to do but get to me. I love him at the same time it’s almost like if we don’t have something we are going to do it was like pulling his hair out to try and get him to leave my allown.

Now you have to know I have been not in the mood to do much, with getting my teath out at the beginning of this month and I was still trying to get use to eating . So as I write this post I do have to tell you that I love him so very much and I have learned from him more then people well every now.


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