It’s that time of year when. . .


It’s that time of year when kids are getting ready for school to start. I came across this on Plurk. and I have to say that I believe in what teachers have to do. I believe that if we didn’t have teachers we would not have any one to do the jobs that will make the world work. Every person had to be totte what they are doing.

We all had to go through some kind of training, so someone had to teach us.

Thank you to all the people that have taken the time to teach me all the many things that I have learned and will learn from you. Thank you for believe in me.


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  1. Hi Mary, Don't what you did (or maybe you didn't do anything and it was my problem) but I can open your blog every time now with no trouble. Thanks.Hope you're enjoying the summer.

  2. Hi again,Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, the flowers are fantastic, aren't they? Once the carpet is finished you can only walk around the outside of course. In the winter they turn the same space into an outdoor ice rink.

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