why dose life have to change?


As I’m sitting here writing this post I’m thinking of how much I really don’t like change. Yes I have said before that I am getting better at it but I can not do it any more. Change is so hard. Why can I not get use to it? Change happens all the time, we live in a world that change is something that you can’t get out of. However it’s just so hard.

I am losing a voice that my ears and my hart has come to trust and know that what is said to me is something that I can believe in. Well, this voice is the advocate and it’s time to say good by to her. I know this day would come. However I didn’t know it was going to be so hard for me to say good by.
Through out the last year many people have told me many things. Some of the things I listened to and tried to believe but any time the advocate told me something I tried even harder to really believe in her. At first it was hard for me I was damaged and why would anyone want to help me. Through time I learned that I had a voice that people would like to hear. She helped me find my voice to talk. She was there when I got so scared when I had to face something by myself. Her voice is going to be hard to forget. So, even when she is not around any more I will take this time that I got to know her and keep it very close to me. She was a very great person to know.
But, now it’s time to say good by and I will go one way and she will go the other way. I hope that one day I will see her again. I think this is just one more step to go forward and not look back.

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