this is my favorite flower


Blue bonnets are my favorite type of flower. I got on line and found some really good pitchers. I think that is just the Texas coming out in me. I can still talk like I’m down there. There are days that I really miss Texas, and then there are days that I like it just fine.

As for the flower, I just love the it and I don’t really know why.
I think Texas will always have a place in my heart and no one can take that away from me. I had a good time down there. I was doing everything that a kid my age could do. I had lots of friends and I had lots of people that loved me. Even though mom had her first strain of cancer there. I had the strength to get through it. My friends were a big way part of me getting through it. I also found that playing my instrument helped me a lot. When I would think of blue bonnets I would aways get a smile on my face.

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