Episode 3 – my audio Journal, I have taken you to lunch today


Talking about work at lunch. Very happy about going up north. Have a web page http://WWW.myaudiojournal.blogspot.com e-mail http://www.myaudiojourna@gmail.com Don’t know if I’m going to get
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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Mary! (And darn you for making me jealous about your chicken quesadilla.) 🙂 Also, yes: I’d love to be able to chate once in awhile more often.

    And one more thanks for leaving a comment about my own TalkShoe podcast. It was you who inspired me to at least play with the service and put myself out there.


  2. Michelle

    it was a lot of fun eating lunch and talking. It was hard but it was fun. It was strange when I got some looks. I think people thought I was strange for talking to myself. Yet, I don’t care, I can talk to a computer all day long. 🙂 I some times get mad at the work computer for doing strange things.

    I hope you will find that Talk shoe will help you with your podcast.

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